Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Vento di Rose

I am always striving to find unique and out of the way experiences for my clients. A few years ago I stumbled upon an enchanting B&B that exceeded my expectations in every way. Tucked away in the beautiful but rarely visited area of the Marche, you will find yourself miles away from any other tourists and completely immersed in the authentic Italy.
Surrounded on all sides by quaint hilltop villages is the Vento di Rose, run lovingly by Emanuela and Emidio. On my arrival after a long drive from Rome, I was met at the door with a flourish of kisses, a bottle of wine and a light snack. How refreshing to enjoy the scenery with a glass in hand. The property is set half way up a hill giving you great views from their patio. In the spring and fall you will be surrounded by the color and scent of her numerous roses which overflow from every possible corner.

They have converted their home into a small three room B&B, but don't let the amount of rooms fool you. Each is tastefully decorated in a different theme with impeccable attention to detail. Finding a comfortable bed in Italy can be a challenge, but I had no problem sleeping here and looked forward to crawling into bed each night. Breakfast was my only reason for leaving that bed each morning. In a country that survives on cappuccinos and skimpy croissants, the food here is one of a kind. I will never forget the first morning sitting down to an immaculately set table, rose petals scattered across the cloth. Emanuela and Emidio arrived with plate after plate of food. Each time they left I was certain that was the end, only to have them appear with yet another dish. I was overwhelmed at the amount and variety. Everything they served was homemade, fresh and of the highest quality. There were regional cheeses, sausages and meats; fresh bread, pastries, baked vegetables, fruit preserves, fresh juices....I could go on and on. We were never able to finish everything and they would neatly wrap our leftovers so that we could graze again at lunch time.

But what truly makes a stay here exceptional is the personal attention from Emanuela and Emidio. They are able to provide excellent information about the surrounding area, set up reservations for dinners and activities, and even personally escort you to out of the way locations to avoid getting lost. Nothing is impossible. She was able to arrange a visit to the oldest pottery studio in the area and we were given the chance to throw clay on one of the wheels, an experience that I will never forget. We wanted a traditional dining experience, and the next thing I knew we were sitting elbow to elbow with Italians at a long wooden table in an ancient village passing around chunks of cheese. They have an uncanny knack for always being available without giving their guests a sense of intrusiveness.

You arrive a guest at Vento di Rose but leave a good friend. I found myself wishing I was staying longer as I grudgingly packed my bags into the car and sadly drove away.

Monterubbiano in the Marche region

Quiet location
Charming small accommodation
Garden and grounds for relaxing
Comfortable beds
Large gourmet breakfast
Kitchen available for use with longer stays
Other things to do
This is a haven for artists and photographers.
Pottery classes
Shiatsu massage
Walking and cycling
Fishing (private boat available for sea fishing)
Horseback riding